Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

by Admin on May 3, 2010

Third generation flower grower and sustainable gardener Yolanda Vanveen hails from Kalama, Washington. In this short video (1:53) she demonstrates how you can plant a tomato plant in a hanging basket. This is an interesting variation on the usual theme of growing them in ordinary containers on the patio, or simply in your vegetable garden outside.

The trick, says Yolanda, is to choose the right tomato variety. Naturally the smaller varieties, such as Sweetie, are suitable. The large beefsteak ones are simply too heavy. The Sweetie variety makes a cute little vine that produces lots of tomatoes.

Plant 2 or 3 seeds in containers in a seed try after the last freeze, using a good seed starter mix. Plant the seeds just beneath the surface and make sure the soil remains moist. But don’t create a bog or the seeds might just rot.

When the little plants are an inch or two tall and have two or three leaves, plant the strongest one in a hanging basket. It can be on its own or with other plants. Trim out any dead leaves as time goes on and keep the hanging basket in full sun. Don’t over water.

In no time at all you will be making spaghetti sauce using your own tomatoes from your own hanging garden tomato garden.

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